Add One®: Tasty snack
for combining with Porus® One


Add One® was developed in collaboration with veterinary surgeons.

Each sachet of Add One® contains a fresh portion of creamy salmon sauce or liver sausage. Its high moisture content helps to keep cats’ kidneys functioning properly. What’s more, Add One® contains taurine, which is good for the eyes and heart.

In addition to being extremely tasty, Add One® also makes an excellent mixer for Porus® One.

When cats are fed on dry food, there’s often a problem with them not taking in the recommended supplements because they don’t combine with the dry food. This is where Add One® is ideal. It can be mixed with Porus® One and offered to the cat before giving it its dry food.

Tests have shown that this combination with Porus® One works very well and that the cats readily accept Add One®.

Tear open the Add One® stick at the top end.

Pour the entire contents onto a spoon or into a feeding bowl.

Combine well with Porus® One or other feed supplement.

Give the mixture to the cat before putting down its dry food.

Then feed the cat as usual.

Add One® is so tasty that cats also like to eat it straight from the stick – as a snack in between or as a daily treat – because it is low in calories (fewer than 10 kcal per stick).

AddOne Kein Zucker

No sugar

AddOne Keine Farb- und Aromastoffe

No colourings or flavourings

AddOne Keine Konservierungsmittel

No preservatives

AddOne Kein Glutenhaltiges Getreide

No cereals containing gluten

AddOne Kein Soja

No soya or soya-based products

One pack is sufficient for 30 days – available at your vet.