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Franz has a high level of indoxyl sulfate. Indoxyl sulfate belongs to the uraemic toxins family. Indoxyl sulfate is a by-product of proteins that occur  naturally in cat’s  feed. These proteins are digested in the intestine, creating amino acids and the precursors of uraemic toxins. These precursors are absorbed in the intestine and reach the liver via the bloodstream. Where they are transformed to the real uraemic toxins, usually excreted by the kidneys via the urine.

A reduction of uraemic toxins could be reached by reducing the vital protein intake of the cat which keeps the cat away from her tasty and vital proteins. There is a new solution now to cope with that challenge: Porus® One, who is binding already the precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine and excreting them naturally with the faeces. These precursors that are bound and excreted thanks to Porus® One, can‘t be transformed into uraemic toxins. Binding these precursors of uraemic toxins supports  kidney health. Porus® One is  especially designed for the kidneys of the cats.

We would like  to provide you with some information about Porus® One, which you can present to your vet. Please find a link for downloading some product information.

Intrinsic toxins in the body = uraemic toxins

It sounds strange, but your cat is producing toxins in its own body everyday. These uraemic toxins – or more precisely, their precursors – are natural metabolites of the decomposition of proteins and amino acids coming from their food. Digested by the gut flora, the precursors arrive at the liver where they are transformed to uraemic toxins. Kidneys excrete these toxins via the urine. However, binding these precursors of uraemic toxins already in the intestine supports the kidney health.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that there are a multitude of uraemic toxins. The most prominent are indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate.

Indoxyl sulfate is the most commonly spoke about, it derives from the essential amino acid tryptophan. The gut flora decomposes tryptophan to indole, which will be metabolised after absorption from the intestine into indoxyl sulfate in the liver, the real uraemic toxin. P-cresyl sulfate, another important uraemic toxin, comes from p-cresol, originated from the essential amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine.

Cats love meat and they have good reason to, the proteins and amino acids in meat are essential for cats, they are  carnivores. Even protein reduced diets need to contain essential amino acids, which, as outlined above – when digested create the precursors of uraemic toxins.

Binding these precursors and reducing the amount of uraemic toxins can support kidney health.

Porus® One – to keep uraemic toxins away from your cat.

Porus® One is a real innovation for cat’s kidneys. It consists of tiny spheres with a smooth surface and a huge number of microscopic pores. These pores have a very small diameter, allowing just molecules like uraemic toxins to enter through the pores into a complex system of microchannels. These microchannels create an outstanding surface for adsorption. Believe it or not: ONE daily administration of 500 mg Porus® One corresponds to the surface of THREE tennis courts. The precursors of the toxins, indole and p-cresol, are bound by a physical mode of action, and are subsequently excreted via the faeces. The spheres of Porus® One are not absorbed into the body, but completely excreted with the faeces. This explains why Porus® One is well tolerated.

Porus® One is manufactured in Germany.

Easy administration of Porus® One

The ease of administration of Porus® One is a real benefit for the cat and their owner: Just spread one stick of Porus® One, once a day, over canned food and mix it. Porus® One can be administered to every cat and to any kind of feed, regardless whether kidney diets or conventional wet food. The daily administration is always one stick of Porus® One, per cat, per day.

For cats preferring dry feed, Porus® One needs to be administered as a “starter”. Just mix one stick of Porus® One with a little bit of cat-paste like Add One® and let your cat enjoy! After their “starter” your cat can eat their dry food, with the opportunity to drink fresh water always available to them.



Uraemic Toxins:

Please find a link for downloading the product information, which you may present to your vet.

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