Add One cat treat for mixing with Porus One

Add One® was developed in collaboration with vets. It is a tasty cat treat that contains not only a fresh portion of creamy salmon sauce, but also omega-3 and plenty of moisture. The high moisture content can also be good for the cat’s kidneys. In addition to being extremely tasty, Add One® was designed to make an excellent mixer for Porus® One.

The problem with feeding dry feed is that cats often refuse to eat the recommended supplements because they don’t combine well with the dry feed. Add One® can be used as a supplement the cat will accept by first mixing Porus® One into Add One® and then offering the mix to the cat before putting down the dry feed.

Tests have shown that this works well with Porus® One and that cats will happily eat Add One®.

Add One® is so tasty that cats also enjoy eating it straight from the stick – as a treat for in between or every day – because it is low in calories (less than 10 kcal per stick) and contains no added sugar, colourings or flavourings, and also no preservatives.

Add One instructions
Porus Add One Package