What is Porus® One?

Porus® One is a product for the kidney of cats.

Porus® One is a selective adsorber for precursors of uraemic toxins in the intestine. This adsorber is made up of black tiny spheres of 0,1 – 0,3 mm diameter with a smooth surface. The surface is littered with numerous pores. The size of the pores is chosen by purpose in order to let enter only molecules, which do not exceed a size of 2 nm. This holds true for small molecules like uraemic toxins such as indole and p-cresol but large substances like vitamins, enzymes or cells cannot enter and subsequently are not adsorbed. Porus® One itself is not absorbed and completely excreted via the feces.

How is Porus® One used for the cat?

Porus® One is administered orally via the feeding. Simply offer your cat one stick-pack per day.

It is very beneficial, that the efficacy of Porus® One is not impacted by any kind of food. Porus® One can be offered by any standard food your cat likes, but also via any kind of special diets like those ones for the kidneys. If your cat accepts dry food only, you have to offer Porus® One in a very small amount (one spoon is sufficient) of moist food or a cat-paste such as Add One®. Open the stick pack easily at its upper end and mix it with the small amount of moist food. Take care, that your cat has taken up the entire small amount of this mixture, before you offer your cat its normal dry food. Porus® One is tasteless and without any smell. It is very well accepted by the cat, when sticking to any kind of moist food.

For which period of time should I offer Porus® One to my cat?

There is no limit of time. Indoxyl sulfate, p-cresyl sulfate und further uraemic toxins are natural decomposition products of the protein metabolites being continuously excreted via the kidneys. The total quantity of precursors bound and subsequently excreted by Porus® One can’t anymore be transformed into uraemic toxins like indoxyl sulfate or p-cresyl sulfate. Binding these precursors of uraemic toxins supports the kidney health. Since Porus® One catches the precursors of uraemic toxins every day after oral administration, a longterm application is very reasonable.

How does the presentation of Porus® One look like?

1 folding box Porus® One contains 30 stick packs each with 500 mg Renaltec©. The stick packs can be conveniently opened, purged over the food and mixed in quickly.

How does Porus® One act?

Porus® One acts physically. The active ingredient in Porus® One has a very high and selective adsorption capacity for small molecules like the precursors of well-known uraemic toxins such as indole and p-cresol. For Porus® One it could be demonstrated, that it binds the precursors of well-known uraemic toxins at their side of origin: at the intestine. Since Porus® One itself is neither absorbed nor cumulated, it is completely excreted by the feces. The adsorption capacity of a daily cat-dose of Porus® One (500 mg) corresponds to the surface of 3 tennis courts. Porus® One acts in the intestine like a “vaccum cleaner”, but focusing on precursors of uraemic toxins like indole and p-cresol.

The precursors of uraemic toxins are the result of decomposition of proteins and amino acids by the gut flora. This action takes place in the intestine. In absence of the adsorber Porus® One the precursors are absorbed and transformed in the liver to the final uraemic toxins indoxyl sulfate and p-cresyl sulfate, usually excreted by the kidneys via the urine. The total quantity of precursors bound and subsequently excreted by Porus® One can’t anymore be transformed into uraemic toxins like indoxyl sulfate or p-cresyl sulfate. Binding these precursors of uraemic toxins supports the kidney health.

Why Porus® One cannot be absorbed?

Porus® One is a product, which can’t be decomposed by the digestive juice. The spheres themselves are much too large to be absorbed. Therefore Porus® One after oral administration is to 100 % excreted via the feces.

Why has Porus® One the shape of tiny spheres?

Porus® One is by purpose manufactured as spheres with a smooths surface and littered by tiny pores of 2 nm diameter. The form is absolutely relevant for the function and serves two targets:

1. It makes Porus® One “roll” through the GI-tract and can neither hurt the mucosa nor adhere to the villi.
2. The tiny spheres create a maximum surface for adsorption, achieving the unbelievable size of 3 tennis courts for ONE daily dose of Porus® One.

Which substances are adsorbed by Porus® One and why?

The a.i. of Porus® One consists of tiny black spheres with numerous pores at its surface. The manufacturing process “designs” the size of the pores in order to assure, that only small molecules can enter such as the precursors of uraemic toxins. After having penetrated the pores, the precursors are bound in the inside of the spheres by their electrical charge. It is a pure physical mode of action. In summary there are 2 selection levels: the size of the pores preventing molecules bigger than 2 nm to enter and the electrical charge of the substance, which decides, whether or not the substance is bound inside the spheres of Porus® One and excreted via the feces.

Is Porus® One able to bind Vitamines?

No. Porus® One has a designed size of pores (< 2 nm) which prevent vitamins to enter. Therefore they are not bound and remain available for the body. The same is true for cells and enzymes.

How long does Porus® One remain in the gut?

Depending of the speed of the intestinal passage, Porus® in the GI-tract is excreted with the feces after 12-36 hours.

What’s about Porus® One and interferences with other products and feed?

Porus® One can be applied with any kind of feed (please consider the recommendations for dry feeding!). If the cat gets oral medications, it is recommended to administer Porus® One 2 hours later. Simultaneous application of a P-binder is possible.

Why does a thin layer of Porus® One remain at the inner surface of the stick pack?

The reason is the electrical charge. It’s a proof for the efficacy of Porus® One. The filling of the sticks takes into consideration, that a thin layer remains at the inside. However, you can be sure to get 500 mg out of the stick by simple emptying.

I feed my cat several times a day, why do I have to give Porus® One once daily?

There is no must, but it is sufficient to supply the entire stick in one of several daily meals. If you are able to gain 2 portions out of one stick, there is no wrong to allocate each portion to one meal. However, the giant surface Porus® One provides for adsorption of the precursors of uraemic toxins suggest, that ONE administration is sufficient to achieve the purpose of relevant reduction of precursors of uraemic toxins during the intestinal passage.

How can a day’s dose of Porus® One have an adsorption area equivalent to three tennis courts?

The image of 3 tennis courts helps us to understand the enormous surface area presented by as little as 500 mg Renaltec®.

A tennis court is about 23 m long and 11 m wide so its area is about 260 m². Three tennis courts have a total surface area of about 750 m².

The manufacture of Renaltec® is an extremely complex process; the surface area in the balls is greatly enlarged by creating a system of channels inside them. This makes them into thoroughly porous balls with a great deal of internal branching. The total pore volume and what is known as the inner surface area are measured during quality control after Renaltec® has been produced. The inner surface area is the area available to adsorb substances such as indole.

Renaltec® has a surface area of about 1500 m²/g. Our daily dose of 500 mg, or half a gram, is where the image of the tennis courts (= 750 m²) comes from. This image is easier for most people to understand than the number alone.

The enormous surface area for adsorption is just ONE of the important properties ensuring the effectiveness of Renaltec®. Other, equally important, properties are the small pore size of 2 nm (selectivity), the charge on the inside of the micro channels in a Renaltec® ball and the smooth exterior enabling the ball to “roll” through the GI tract. It is the combined action of all these properties that makes Porus® One such an exceptional product.

What happens if I overdose Porus® One, i. e. supplying two sticks instead of one?

Since Porus® One itself is not absorbed, it cannot penetrate into the blood of the cat, provoking whatever kind of unwanted effects. An incidentally applied increased dose or Porus® One would potentially bind a higher quantity of precursors of uraemic toxins, but is evenly completely excreted and does not cause any harm for the cat.

Why is the daily dose of Porus® One equal for any cat, ignoring its body weight?

The cat holder is familiar with the fact, that many products incl. veterinary medicinal products are dosed per kg bodyweight. The large majority of the cat population shows bodyweights between 3–8 kg.

More important: the cat feed varies significantly in terms of protein contents and the daily consumption of feed does as well. That means, that there is a variation of precursors of uraemic toxins in the daily intestinal juice. The daily dose of 500 mg Porus® One takes this variances into consideration and makes sure, that on a daily base a significant quantity of precursors of uraemic toxins is bound and excreted via the feces. Binding this precursors of uraemic toxins supports the kidney health.

How should Porus® One be handled for pure dry food eaters?

It is very beneficial, that Porus® One will show its efficacy in any kind of food. However, Porus® One by its nature of dry tiny spheres with a smooth surface does not adhere at dry food particles. For those cats usually fed with dry feed, their daily stick of Porus® One needs to be mixed in a small amount (spoon) of moist food or cat-paste like Add One® and applied to the cat in one run. If the cat has taken up the entire small quantity of this mixture including Porus® One, the normal dry feed can be offered. You certainly know, that for cats being fed exclusively by dry feed, the continuous access to fresh drinking water is particularly important.