Porus® One – easy to use

Using Porus® One couldn’t be simpler:

1 stick of Porus® One (500 mg) are poured over the cat food and mixed in well. It makes no difference whether the cat is fed on conventional or diet cat food.

Porus® One is tasteless and odourless and therefore well tolerated by cats when combined with their food.

Tear open the stick at the top end.

Pour the spheres over the conventional or diet cat food.

Porus® One should be mixed into the wet food to make sure the spheres adhere better to the food.

Give the cat
Porus® One with its food once a day.

Special aspects of use:

For cats on a purely dry-food diet, we recommend mixing Porus® One into a little wet food or cat paste, such as Add One®.

After the cat has eaten the Porus® One mixture, it can be given its dry food as usual.

Porus® One should not be given at the same time as medicine. Medicine should be administered at least 2 hours before giving the cat Porus® One.

Add One®: Makes it easier to administer Porus® One to cats fed on dry food