Porus® One
Shields the blow to
the kidneys of the cat

Franz is feeling fine again – he’s started playing. Find out why here!

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Uraemic toxins

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Dear Cat Lovers,

Franz is feeling fine again. The high level of indoxyl sulphate in his body probably didn’t suit him.

Indoxyl sulphate is one of what are known as “uraemic toxins”. Uraemic toxins are poisonous substances which are produced by the cat’s own body every day and are immediately excreted via the kidneys. As a cat grows older, however, its kidney function diminishes and with it also the elimination of uraemic toxins. When that happens, the uraemic toxins can accumulate in the cat’s blood and tissue.

An accumulation of indoxyl sulphate can result in kidney damage, an elevated phosphate level in the cat’s blood, as well as other organ damage.

In such cases, it is particularly useful to reduce the uraemic toxins.

Porus® One was developed by veterinary surgeons for that very purpose. Porus® One binds the precursors of the uraemic toxins already in the intestine so that they are excreted with the faeces without causing any harm.

How does Porus® One work?

Thanks to the spherical structure and smooth surface of Porus® One, it has a high and specific adsorption capacity.

Here, “specific” refers to the adsorption of only the intended substances. These spheres are designed specifically to adsorb the precursors of uraemic toxins. Indole an p-cresol are among the most relevant precursors of uraemic toxins, which are bound within the speres.

Uraemic toxins originate from essential amino acids

Unlike dogs, cats are obligate carnivores. Meat is their most important source of energy.

The cat’s digestive system breaks down the protein in meat into its component parts, the amino acids. Gut bacteria, which count among the natural intestinal flora (=intestinal microbiome), break down the amino acids into precursors of uraemic toxins. These precursors are then adsorbed and pass through the liver to the kidneys. The uraemic toxins are the poisonous degradation products of protein metabolism that the cat’s body cannot process and must therefore eliminate through the kidneys.

Porus One - Essentielle Aminosäuren

How to use

Porus® One is simple to use:

Pour 1 stick of Porus® One (500 mg) over the cat’s food once a day and mix well. It makes no difference whether it’s diet or conventional cat food.

Because Porus® One is tasteless and odourless, it is well tolerated by cats when combined with their food.

Add One®:
Tasty cat snack for mixing with Porus® One

Add One® is so tasty that cats also like to eat it straight out of the stick – as a snack for in between or as a daily treat – because it is low in calories (fewer than 10 kcal per stick) and contains no added sugar, colouring, flavourings or preservatives.
Porus One Verpackung Sticks

Porus® One
Shields the blow to
the kidneys of the cat

A box of Porus® One contains a month’s supply of 30 sticks.

Porus® One can be obtained from vets.